Gunslinger Longboarding Videos

Gunslinger 41 Raven with Blue rounds
Mark 'crumpets' Jennings on the new Raven with Blue rounds...too much class as usual
Gunslinger .....Da Blues
Gunslinger Longboards shows off their new blue 'Rounds' wheels
Mr Price Heroes TV - Longboarding with the Gunslinger Crew
Longboarding is a relatively underground sport, the Mr Price Heroes TV show caught up with the Gunslinger crew to learn more about it.
Mr Price Heroes TV - SHOW 8 Teaser
In this show we meet up with the Gudauskas brothers at The Mr Price Pro Ballito, go longboarding in a cemetery, Kite Surfing in Cape Town & lastly we join Darryl Curtis & Riaan Van Niekerk for some Rally Racing. Heroes TV Show 8 airs on Tuesday the 4th of September at 18:30 on SuperSport 7.
Bombing Fields Hill - Comrades
Tim Spence, Jed Kenny and Paul Soper decided to take advantage of the closing of the roads for the Comrades, and they bombed Fields Hill from Kloof down to Pinetown.
Gunslinger Longboards Promo Video
Gunslinger Longboards promo video created by Gnarly Productions out of pure love for the Gunslinger Brand. Shot Gnarly. Da Sheriff loves Ya for it. Features some kewl night time action shots of some young guns ridin their Gunslingers hard. Yee Hah.
Sunday Night Downhill on Gunslinger Longboards
Nice video featuring a Sunday night downhill run on Gunslinger Longboards in Durban North South Africa
Skateboarding Dog - He can carve and push and turn his own board around!
Hippopotamus Maximus the Skateboarding and Surfing Bull Dog - He can carve and push and turn his own board around! in Durban South Africa - Fresh off the plane from Hollywood California.
Gunslingers. Maid to Skate
Some Durban Gunslingers doing their thing on Gunslinger Longboards with cameo appearances by some local maids and The Police.
Pitch n Push 2.0 - Longboard Skateboarders roll the Durban beachfront
Video from a recent Pitch n Push longboard skateboarders gathering on Durban Beachfront. Check the Events page of the site for details of the next Pitch n Push.
Gunslinger slide jam 3
Guys and girls from all around the Durban area throwing them selves down the hill at uKZN really fast and really hard. Nice one 031! Big thanks to Keith and Ian from Gunslinger Longboards, lots of hard work went into putting this event together and it showed! Also big ups to Zoo York clothing for the mad shirts and Monster Energy for the wetties! oh yeah and nice one Bryce and Paul...
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